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Melek's Baklava & More

Homemade Traditional Turkish Flavours Baked With Love


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Traditional Baklava

Grandmother's recipe!

Traditional baklava is an exquisite flavoured pastry that has been made in Anatolia for many centuries.


It ıs made of many layers of paper-thin pastry (filo pastry) brushed with butter, with a filling of chopped nuts and then drenched in honey syrup.

The result is heavenly!

All freshly baked especially for you!  

Traditional greek baklava

Tray orders are available 
*A tray holds 48 large pieces of baklava 

Traditiona baklava home

Turkish Delight

It is a must!

The Myth of Turkish Delight or Lokum

Turkish Delight or lokum is s family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. Varieties consist largely of chopped pistachios, hazelnuts or walnuts bound by the gel.

Traditional varieties are often flavoured with rosewater or lemon. The origin of Turkish Delight is not precicely known, but is known to have been produced in Turkey and Persia as early as the late 18th century.

Traditional turkish desserts
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Traditional Savouries

Salty tastes for sweet talks

Turkish Mincemeat, Potatoes &
Spinach, Feta, Mozarella SC ROLLS

Borek was the essential meal for shepherds and nomads because it is easy to store. Borek was made with a flat sieve suspended over a fire or placed on hot stones, artisanal ingredients such as butter and cheese made from sheep, goat and cow milk.

Traditional turkish pastry
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More From Melek

Did you know these exist?

My cooking is not limited to Baklava and Turkish Delights. I have more products which are equally as good.

You should try this delightful experience for yourself!

Homemade turkish desserts
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Enjoy a full tray of taste

ALL OUR PRODUCTS are available for wholesale purchase.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Delicious turkish recipes

Who is Melek?

Hands behind the scene!

Hello Everyone,

I arrived in Australia from Istanbul, Turkey in 2008 and worked in various professions including teaching English as a second language in schools and also working as a teacher aide.

Everything started with one of my friends asking me to make baklava, as she had tasted it when she was in Turkey and loved it. We were amazed at how delicious it tasted…

That was it! That day was my turning point. Since then, I have been baking Baklava and other Turkish Traditional foods including savouries and sweets. I have operated my successful small business since 2017 based in Toowoomba, Queensland.

Over the years MELEK’s BAKLAVA & MORE has become a well-known business around the Darling Downs. The products have been in high demand, especially Baklava and Assorted Turkish Delight. This business is about to expand to include home cooked traditional Turkish meals.

Using top of the range products and adding a few secret ingredients from my grandmother’s recipe book makes my Baklava quite unique as you can’t stop yourself once you have a bite. Its shelf life is for 6 weeks in the fridge and you can even freeze it if necessary.

ASSORTED TURKISH DELIGHT are very delicious and unique in the area as well. They are Gluten Free & Vegan, in addition to these features its shelf life is about 9 months and it makes Turkish Delight in high demand especially for the wholesalers. 

Who is melek
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